Avoid seating plan mayhem

You can’t sit with us.

Seating arrangement are just one of the many things to do when planning a wedding, it’s not often spoken about in social circles but between couples it can cause an awful lot of stress: “Should Aunt Maud really sit that close the bar?”, “Will grandpa Willy keep his false teeth in for the whole night or scare the little kids?”, “Grandma Alma needs to be close to the bathrooms” and “will your 2nd best mate Sara sit near to her ex Tim?”.

Sheesh, its’ enough logistics to make your head spin?

But there is a solution, plan a casual wedding or an informal wedding. Informal weddings are a great way to avoid the Mean Girls “you can sit with us” scene. If it suits you two as a couple and you aren’t bending to a traditional sit-down reception then a cocktail reception may suit you to a tee.

It can be a great way for your guests to mingle with new people without a fight over the best seat in the house or a chance for the older generation to settle together near a tea station and natter about the good old days. Plus if you had a photo booth near the dance floor, you will get a great bunch of fun shots throughout the night that will really make the photo album fun.

Even better, with people standing and mingling around, your dance floor should fill quicker making the night lots and lots of fun. Just remember if you do have a cocktail night to provide 1.5 times with the required food per head, ie if they suggest 3 pieces of finger food for entre per head, then choose 5.

Cocktail food tends to be small and quickly consumed if mixed with too much alcohol you may have some rather drunk rellies to deal with at midnight

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