Teachers gift DIY

Teachers gift DIY

2018 is coming to a close, and fast.

This year I thought of a sweet gift idea for my son to give to his teachers at kinder. Something super simple, a little messy but very sweet.


– shatterproof baubles (Lincraft)

– gold acrylic paint

– paint brush

– gold paint pen / texta

– masking tape (perfect drying rack)

– Santa tags (Lincraft)


<<Warning – This is gonna get messy so be prepared>>

1. My kid just loves a good mess, so I put him in the bath to help with the clean up. Grab everything you need within arms reach.

2. Place the masking tape on a flat surface.

3. Paint the palm of the hand closest to you.

4. Grab a bauble and get the painted little hand wrapped around the ball and take it out again, place the bauble paint up on the tape to dry over night.

5. In the morning, add the name, perhaps the year, and a tag for the teacher.

6. Wrap and gift to their fave teachers.

They will love it.

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