Table Styling to impress


Simple design is often the best, and simple stylish products can make any table setting really impress your guests. With nothing more than a few select pieces on your dinner table you can make your guests feel a little bit like royalty.


Here’s How

Supplies needed

  • A dining table to fit all your guests
  • Chairs or benches
  • A set of simple dinner plate/bread plate and soup bowl
  • Cutlery
  • Glass wear – water glass, wine glass, decanters, water jog
  • Decorations – Table cloth, table runners, candles
  • Finishing touches – Name cards, menus, napkins
  • String and scissors
  • Garnish – Table Wreath made with ranunculus, spinning gum, roses, carnations, calendula, lisianthus.


  1. Seems obvious but start by setting your table in a neat location where all your guests can easily access their seats.venue-insider-blog-table-setting3
  2. Prepare your table cloth by pressing or steam. Add to table.
  3. Prepare and press your table runner and add to table. Choose a bright or bold colour of fabric to run down the middle of your table. This will be used as a base to your table setting and mainly covered by food and decorations.
  4. Start by creating your centrepiece; we have started by adding long strands of spinning gum to the table. We love the look of the gum hanging from the edges to add a little drama to our setting. Make sure the gum spread across the centre.
  5. Add your other flowers like roses and marigolds, and ranunculus up and down the spinning gum, filling the spaces and giving some more colour to your table. venue-insider-blog-table-setting4
  6. Finish the garland by grabbing 50cm long pieces of string and tie all the ling strands together. the string will help to reduce the size of your garland and make sure it stays in one piece. Tie at 30cm intervals. Make sure it isn’t too tall by tucking any loose strands under larger branches.venue-insider-blog-table-setting5
  7. Add your dinner plates in place in the middle of the place setting.venue-insider-blog-table-setting6
  8. The flatware is arranged around the plate with the fork on the left, the knife and spoon on the right. The sharp part of the knife facing the plate.venue-insider-blog-table-setting7 
  9. Grab your water, wine and other cups above the plates as picturedvenue-insider-blog-table-setting8
  10. Add candles or candelabras for ambiance and sprinkle of romance.venue-insider-blog-table-setting9
  11. Finally position the place cards, napkins and menus on table above the platevenue-insider-blog-table-setting10
  12. Add amazing people, food and wine.


CREDITS:  | Table Cloths Mozi | Florals: bloombox co | Photographer: Samara Clifford

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