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My childhood was full of some fun traditions, one I love most was a tradition we had as little kids to grab the Australian Woman’s Weekly Children’s Birthday cake book and choose a fun birthday cake that my mum would then make for our birthday the following weekend.

Between my 3 siblings and I much time and consideration would go into the final choice and many fights were had over that book. Since then I have purchased that same book for many friends with kids to help create some of their own family traditions. Over the last 10 years or so I have also collected many other resources, cook books, decorating books, styling books and party books and I have used over and over again for ideas on planning parties, hens days and even my wedding.

Here are some of the books I love and use constantly for party reources.

Books to buy for great parties

1. ‘Woman’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book’ – quality cakes and full of memories

The team have made a few updates to this title including ‘Easy Party Cakes’, ‘Cheats Cakes’, ‘Cakes for Kids’ and ‘Best Ever Cakes’ – I guess the team at Woman’s Weekly figured they were onto a winner and have made some awesome additions to the set.

2. I love this title ‘Cupcakes and Cashmere’ – Great for some fun DIY for house warming gifts or simple styling tips for around the home.

3. ‘Let’s Party’ gives plenty of unique party ideas from themes to cakes, gift bags to games

4. ‘Lunch Lady food and family’ is great recipes and ideas for celebration together

5. ‘Frankie’s Sweet Treats’ is a great book including simple recipes for cakes and desserts that always turn out perfect

6. For all the ‘Sex and the City’ lovers  you will know that Magnolia Bakery is one of Carries Favourites. When visiting New York and visiting the famous bake house, I picked up this little number. ‘More from Magnolia’ with a dozen of their famous cupcakes.


These books are very heavy LOL!


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