Paper Streamer Chandelier

So I have a little dilemma, OF TIME!

I’m a regular mum who loves to throw parties for my kid just like any other mum. And I take pride in throwing these parties and creating memories and I have I also have a crafty side.

I don’t know about you but I am busier than ever and 2018 has sped by so my little one is about to turn 4, woah! But I still have a desire to make decorations for my sons fourth birthday. Although time is not on my side, I have a couple of little hacks.

With a little guidance from my son who told me he wanted a unicorn party, I have had an idea to make some unicorn inspired coloured decorations that are simple and easy to make. I’ll use these to decorate the garden or behind the cake table on the weekend.

I made a couple of paper streamer chandeliers and these took all of 20 minutes and cost less than $20.


  • Hoola Hoop 2 sizes
  • Streamers multicoloured
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue
  • Gold Foil Backdrop – 1.8 m in length
  • Ribbon for tieing together the hoops
  • Extra ribbon for hanging

Here’s How

  1. Grab all your supplies.
  2. Warm up your glue gun.
  3. Start with the smaller hoop.
  4. Add little glue to the inside of your hoop, and starting with the end of your gold foil backdrop, wind the top of the backdrop round.
  5. Cut off excess streamer. lay to one side to dry.
  6. Grab your large hoop.
  7. Open and cut all your streamers to the desired length (these ones are over 2 m long).
  8. Fold in half and hang over the large hoop (Make sure you have enough streamers to cover the whole hoop).
  9. Lay your large hoop on a sturdy surface or on the table and grab the hot glue gun and start adding dobs of glue to the top of the hoop and lay the streamers over the top. Ensure the entire hoop is covered.
  10. Lay to one side to dry.
  11. When dry, move aside the paper streamers and place the smaller hoop inside the larger hoop.
  12. Take your ribbon and cut into two lengths. (these ones are over 2 m long).
  13. Cross ribbons over and tie together in the middle, lay the ribbon on top of the two hoops, give your ribbon a lift and use a pencil to note where to tie the ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the small and then the large hoop.

Use the extra ribbon to tie your streamer chandelier to a tree or from the roof





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