Music to get the party started

Music to make you move!

Music can make or break a party.

Setting the mood is all about considering the ups and downs of a night and keeping the ups really high. There are some great ways to get your dance floor full and hiring a DJ is just one of them. It can be a bit hit and miss so when talking to your Music man (or woman) make sure you ask them some big questions:

  • Who’s your favourite artist?
  • What do you play to get the party started?
  • How do you raise the roof when a party is flying off the handles?
  • How do you feel about the Macarena?

It’s 2018 people, no one should be dancing the Macarena. NO ONE.

Don’t hire a DJ who has Mumbo number 5 high on his rotation. Instead, you can always make your own playlist with iTunes or Spotify.

Better yet, we’ve compiled a list of the best dance lists on Spotify to get your booty moving:



Mixed generation party

Get your granny grooving and your baby cuz cruising. Including songs like Outkast, Village people and EarthWind&Fire.

Party of the year

Vibing party jams, including Jaime XX, MIA, and Flume

House Party

Keep the vibes high with Kiiara, Hermitude and RUFUS

International Party 

Featuring club and popular songs from around the world, everything from French Rap to Reggaeton and Latino.

Party Like Gatsby

My go-to playlist that I have used for parties all sorts of house parties

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

Full of Classic 80’s track that are kicking some fun beats. Great for a sweaty dance floor


Go traditional with some classics like “Best days of my life” (American Authors) “Everything” by Michael Buble and “Lets stay together” by Al Green in the Wedding first dance songs


Get ready! These are some great tunes that will create mean moves on the dance floor.

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