Mothers Day DIY Posy

What better way to show mum how much you love and appreciate her than with a handcrafted gift from the heart?  Well, we found it, a better way that is, a handmade posy featuring your mum’s favourite blooms.

We really didn’t know where to start to make a posy so we asked our mates at Little Triffids Flowers in Wagga Wagga to show us how to make something your mum will love to show off at Mothers day breaky, brunch or out at lunch.

Turns out you can use just about anything to get these beauties created. From Supermarket flowers, market-bought bunches all the way to the local neighbourhood clippings, (thanks Barry).

Best part is, your mum will be totally CHUFFED you made her something she will actually like, (sorry to my mum for the weird brown clay faces I gave your one year)

Flowers don’t have to cost a bomb to look totally gorgeous, here’s how they did it, and how you too can put a smile on your mums face.


  • Bunches of flowers
  • Clippings of greenery or foliage
  • Sharp scissors
  • String rubber or rubber band
  • An old vase, Moccona coffee jar or large glass.
  • Ribbon


Step 1

Collect your greenery, as Sophie says, it doesn’t have to be expensive stuff, go to the supermarket and pick a beautiful bunch and mix in foraged finds for greenery.

Make sure to choose different shapes in your flowers from round roses too long tall blooms

Step 2

Collect your materials, find and clean a vase jar or fancy tumbler for your posy. Clean your jar. Rinse with a little bleach and clean with dishwashing water to make is sparkle.

Step 3

Start with the lower levels. Go green and go low. Don’t be afraid to mix some greenery together to add texture to the posy.

Step 4

Add some larger pieces circulating around the vase. Then add some smaller complimentary pieces at a height just above this, your Posy will be starting to take shape


Step 5
Finish off with single stem beauties or taller blooms to give your posy height, depth and a little character. We don’t want a Ball of flowers plonked in a jar.

C’est Voila. A blooming beautiful posy Jar just for Mum.r


Mothers Day Printables

Here are the printable Labels for you to spruce up the old vase, Moccona coffee jar or glass. INSTRUCTIONS: Print themout in A3 in colour, cut to desired length, wrap around your gar afixing with tape.

Link: HERE


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