Magnolia Christmas Wreath

How to make a Magnolia Christmas Wreath for $3








I’m a crafter from way back, some of my fondest memories as a little girl was spending time with my grandmother in her sun room just making things. Either learning to knit or using Hama beads, didn’t matter, I was with the gentlest, nicest lady I knew and I was making stuff.

Crafting, making and general DIY is something i love to try or come up with and I now share with my son. Christmas has so many fun opportunities for you, too, to make, bake and create.

This year for our wreath I wanted to show you guys a really lovely wreath that is cheap to make and didn’t take very long at all.

Plus this little beauty cost me less than $3 to make .


– fresh magnolia leaves (from my neighbours garden taken WITH permission)

– hot glue gun

– glue ($3)

– acrylic paint (I had gold and copper for this one but choose what colours suit you and your decorating ideas)

– large piece of cardboard (I just used some card from a box at the supermarket)


1. Gather your supplies

2. Measure and cut a large ring for your wreath (I used a chopping board and a bowl to measure the inside and outside rings)

3. Take your leaves off the branches and give them a wipe, discard any leaves that have holes are too dry or been nibbled by bugs.

4. Divide into 3 groups, two small groups and one large group.

5. Put the large group aside and take the two smaller groups. Paint the gold on one group and the copper on the other, allow to dry over night.

6. Grab your ribbon or twine and add to the cardboard.

7.When leaves are dry, heat up your hot glue gun and start by adding glue to the back of each leaf and attaching to your board.

8. Place leaves in an alternate pattern, three green leaves to one painted leaf. Mix as you choose.

9. Let glue dry and hang accordingly.



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