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Events come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you are creating a kick arse celebration for your self. Maybe a wedding. Or even a surprise homecoming for your best mate. We love to plan parties of all shapes and sizes, perhaps our favourite is the dinner party.

Throwing a dinner party can be a classy way to welcome people into your social circle. We have found dinner parties are a great way to say hey to any new people.

Maybe it’s meeting your best mates new boyfriend or the better half’s long lost aunt. A dinner party is the best way to do it.

How to plan for a dinner party.

Do you or your guests have any dietary requirements, how about dietary preferences?

Now you have this info, it’s time to consider what you want to prepare for your party.

Here’s how to decide what to cook:

  • Are there any dishes you are comfortable cooking?
  • Are there any family recipes you would like to share with your guests?
  • Do you have any simple recipes that are your favourite, you don’t want to over stretch yourself so keep it simple?
  • How many courses do you want to serve?
  • Do you have a budget you want to stick to for the party?

What we suggest.

Start with bubbles and a platter to welcome your guests, either a cheese platter or antipasto platter with fresh bread and crackers.

Platters can be casual start to your dinner party and a nice way to get to know your guests.

Move to the table and start with a simple shared meal, like a pasta dish or a roast with plenty of sides to compliment like roasted vegetables or a green salad. We suggest shared dishes so your guests can serve themselves from the middle of the shared table. This will free you up as the host to eat and enjoy the dish together.

When it comes to dessert, be prepared. Cook or prepare this ahead of time. Have single serves of your dessert dishes ready to serve so when it is time to have your sweets: just grab, garnish and go!

Other things to consider.

Adding a simple printed menu or a name card is a nice way to say you are thinking about someone.

We love to grab a small gift (like a hand made block or box of chocolates) to gift to our guests and take away with them.

Flowers: Always add some flowers to your table. Make sure they are in a vase that doesn’t take up your entire table, so your guests aren’t trying to dodge the case to have an easy chat.

Alcohol: this is a tricky one, alcohol supply should be about making sure your guests have a lovely evening. We recommend about 2 or so glasses over the evening. But it really is up to you and your guests, keep a bottle of bubbles, red a white on hand just in case.

What to bring: your guests will often ask what they can bring. We suggest you ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine to share. Or bubbles to start the evening.

Place setting inspiration.

Here are a few place setting ideas

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