Floral inspiration to fill a room

God, we love flowers.

Flowers for celebrations  (Thanks Hubby)

Bunches in our hair for birthday surprises.

Bouquet for a beautiful bride.

Grand Gardens full of Gorgeous Gladiolas

Floral center pieces, hanging centrepieces, lapel pins, Posies in jar, single branches in a vase, Rustic Bunches from the garden to liven up a room.Even flowers for no reason at all.

We are often trying to find the best way to fill our lives with gorgeous flowers and have used a few services to help make our lives a little more colourful:

Make your own arrangements look as good as the prokoch and Cos:

Koch & Co are great suppliers of amazing floral needs from floral tape to candle holders, these guys will have you sorted in no time. We have used Koch  & Co for our very own Hens day supplies: Crafetnoons making flower crowns are the best and made even easier when you have the right tools. Thanks Koch & Co.

Mini Pleasures, delivered:screenshot-2016-09-29-08-46-54

hi petal are awesome:

These guys make simple divine little posies and best of all they deliver them to your door.

Forgotten you besties birthday, need to send something nice to mum check out Hi Petal to get your gorgeous fix?


Make your own:

Ever wondered what your magical florists use to make bouquet look stunning, BloomboxCo to the rescue. These ladies not only provide you with all the flowers but also step by step instructions on how to make your flowers POP! These ladies even have videos on how to get “All the EPIC” into your arranging. Sheesh…screenshot-2016-09-29-08-57-10

Country Lscreenshot-2016-09-29-09-00-46ove:

If you are in Wagga Wagga why not try Little Triffids Flowers for Local, Seasonal and Fresh Finds. We love that this local lady is now only arranging but growing most of her own flowers too. Even if you don’t live in Wagga and have the pleasure of receiving these flowers, you should follow her blog for inspiration on what to do with seasonal flowers.


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