Christmas table styling ideas that don’t break the bank


Christmas styling doesn’t have to be expensive (yes, we said the C word   sorry guys but it’s coming ready or not). Who wants to see how we created these easy DIY Christmas party settings? Most of the materials used in our below tablescapes are from good ol Kmart, or local party stores (we are loving Invite me in Yarraville Melbourne, we spent more than we should but LOVE LOVE LOVE all the stuff they have for events).

Who knew that affordable homewares could look so good. We did, and we will show you how to put it together to make affordable look priceless.

1. Classic marble

Add elegance to a table, gorgeous textures like linen and shiny marble add a lovely touch to a festive day. Placemat | Plates | Cutlery

2. Bright and Cheery

Making use of some beautiful bright fabric we had lying about, we found some gorgeous textured plates to contrast. We made a white paper chain as a table runner and added tropical foliage for colour and freshness. Grey toned plates and copper cutlery really works well together.

3. Pattern Mix and Match

For our next DIY Christmas party setting we wanted to mix two classic Christmas colours together and see if we could make a fun, simple tablescape that cost next to nothing. Here we have matched Gold Ikea fabric as a tablecloth, with paper plates and cups and bamboo cutlery. If you use disposable plates and cutlery no one has to fight over doing the dishes, it’s all going straight to the recycling bin after your big Christmas binge.

4. Monochrome Madness

Turns out we love mixing patterns, this one was even simpler than the last. For this DIY Christmas party setting, we added paper plates (YES PEOPLE Paper plates) and two separate serviettes to add a wacky monochrome setting. We’ve then added a metallic letter sticker as the name card. Matching the metallic letters is the Christmas baubles intertwined with a tropical themes table runner. All this set to a simple black tablecloth add a striking tablescape your family or guests will love.

5. Kids table

Who could forget the kids table, we kept our mini styling simple. By running  snow inspired paper along the table and adding some festive stripes down the middle, we made an easy to clean, easy to set up table will surely delight the little ones on Christmas day. Plus there’s chocolate, so if they don’t notice the effort you put into the table, they will enjoy the chocolate. It’s a mini win win.

DIY Christmas party setting

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