D’lish dessert table styling to make you dizzy

Venue Insider BLOG Dessert table imagesSome of the most drool worthy pictures we are lusting over are delectable, delicious, calorie filled images of divine dessert tables.

Not just a wedding trend to be watched, these images are starting to pop up for all the DIY parties you could be holding. Whether you are celebrating a special birthday or just having a grand evening; a dessert table will leave your guests saying, WOW.

We will show you how to make this spectacular table setting in just a few minutes.


  • Cake Stand
  • Cake
  • Donuts
  • Table
  • Table Cloth
  • Tea lights
  • Flowers vases, Variety of sizes
  • Flowers (Ranunculus, roses, carnations, calendula)
  • Parafilm
  • Foliage
  • Cute crockery/cookie jars
  • Serviettes
  • Balloons
  • Picture Frame with DESSERT signage

Here’s How

  1. Choosing an accessible location place your table up against a wall. Grab your gorgeous white table cloth and give it a quick iron or steam clean. Place on the table.
  2. Collect your platters and glass wear. Starting with the main cake platter, place it in the middle of the table. On the outsides of the table, add the tiered cake stand and on the opposite corner include the vase.   venue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images3
  3. On your tiered cake platter add your donuts, filling it to the brim.venue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images4
  4. Make some small bouquets of flowers with 3 or 4 individual flowers.
  5. Join your small bunch of flowers together with parafilm. Grab your flower stems and hold tightly, cut a 15 cm strip of parafilm, place the tape at the base of the flowers and wrap tightly. The parafilm needs to stretch to stick together, if it breaks, don’t worry just add a new piece to the top of the stems.
  6. Add the bouquets to the standvenue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images5
  7. Decorate your naked cake (read our HERE’S HOW on dressing a naked cake here). Place your cake in the middle of the table.venue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images6
  8. Gather some large leaves and add to the flower vases. Making sure to include some height to your table.
  9. Find some amazing cookie jars, like these ones from Mozi. Start by placing these jars between the platters and plates you already have on the table. Wind in some foliage on the table and tape some up the wall. Grab tea light holders with a pop of colour and add between the cake and the vase.venue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images7
  10. You may like the look of your table as it is here, however lets really finish off the table with some gorgeous flowers. Grab small vases, plates or tumblers and add some flower stems and clusters of berries. Really think outside the square here, maybe place the tumblers on the side or on the top of each other.venue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images8
  11. Can’t serve dessert without napkins. Grab a napkin holder to add a sprinkle of posh to the night
  12. Place the dessert table frame picture towards the front of the table making sure not to cover up any of the pretty things on the table.
  13. Why not make a beautiful Wall Garland to really add some punch.venue-insider-blog-dessert-table-images9

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