Decorating a Naked Cake

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Cakes are a multi-sensory experience, the smell of warm butter,  the melting taste of sugar and the sticky residue left all over your fingers from the frosting. The only way to make a delicious cake more appetising is to make it look delicious as well.

It seems like every Pinterest page we turn to, cakes seem to be stripping their almond frosting and opting for a more stripped back look. Bakers world round are relying on the content of the cake to steal the show making delicious tiered red velvets, or simple butter cake with a salted caramel filling. Regardless of how naked your cake is, you can always spruce up your sponge with some fresh cut flowers.

We teamed up with DIY flower queens bloombox co to show you how to style your naked cake.



  • Flowers for the cake: like Ranunculus, Orchids, Carnations, Roses, Lisianthus
  • Berries like Privets
  • Baby Pineapples
  • Large greenery like Monstera or Palm leaves etc
  • Parafilm
  • Scissors
  • Strong wire like Florist wire in 22mm strength
  • Cake platter

Get your cake blooming gorgeous

  1. Start by preparing all your suppliesVenue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images2
  2. Make sure you get your cake from a quality cake supply place like The Dessert Parlour
  3. Strip all your flowers and cut to short stems
  4. Cut short pieces of wire about 2 inches in length
  5. Create small bunches of 3-4 flowersVenue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images3
  6. Wrap your bunches of flowers with parafilm. Parafilm is a food grade product that is safe to sit in your cake. Make sure that your bunches are wrapped and all the stems are totally covered. When using parafilm, make sure to pull the parafilm tight so it starts to stretch, this will keep the parafilm tight and ensure the cake is protected
  7. Grab your pineapples and cut the stems to 10 cm or so. Wrap in para film, again making sure it’s tight and covering the whole stemVenue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images4
  8. Cut stems of berries, these will hang off your cake between 15 – 20 cm and also wrap the stems in parafilm
  9. With your pre wrapped clusters of flowers, privet berries and pineapples and include a stick of wire, wrap it with parafilm
  10. Place your cake platter on the dessert table
  11. Start by poking in pineapples to the top (be gentle of course, it’s a cake afterall)Venue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images5
  12. Fill in with flowers at the top of the cakeVenue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images6
  13. Add drippy privet to the top of the cake and the side of the cake platterVenue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images7
  14. Snake a little of the remaining flowers and foliage at the bottom of the platter surrounding about a third of the platter
    Venue Insider BLOG Naked Cake images8

    Cake: Dessert Parlour | Florals: bloombox co | Photographer: Samara Clifford

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