Happy wreath-mas

venue-insider-blog-wreathWe do love to decorate and Christmas give us the perfect excuse. No, we aren’t talking about pulling out the old Christmas decoration box and dusting off a manky wreath that could pass for a frisbee. We mean creating a Christmas wreath that will make your neighbors green with envy.

MEGA Wreath to the rescue.

Here’s Howvenue-insider-blog-wreath2

Supplies Needed

  1. Choose a wall, door or mantel to create your Mega Wreath. Ensure the space is cleaned with a damp cloth and free from any dust as the wreath will be secured to the wall/door and dust will interfere.venue-insider-blog-wreath3
  2. You will make two half wreaths in two crescent shapes facing one another.
  3. Start by grabbing some long fern foliage and bunch together a few long strands using your florist wire to bring together the branches at 20 cm intervals. Continue to add ivy and fern branches till you have the desired length and thickness for your wreath base making sure you add a nice curve to the foliage base in a crescent moon shape. venue-insider-blog-wreath4
  4. At the base of the foliage secure with florist wire to ensure the heavy stands stay together.venue-insider-blog-wreath5
  5. Pull together some flowers and pull together a small bunch of various lengths.  Secure flowers to the wreath base.venue-insider-blog-wreath6
  6. Cover the wire with twine or ribbon by winding it over the floral wire.
  7. To secure to the wall, grab a friend and have them hold the first wreath half on the wall ensure to include the half-moon shape. Secure to the wall with strips of double sided tape across the wreath base and onto the wall.venue-insider-blog-wreath7
  8. Repeat the above steps and secure the second wreath to the wall, mantel or door.

venue-insider-blog-wreath8Add cake, a dessert table, decorations, candles or nothing at all and enjoy a MEGA Christmas.

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