An extra set of hands

Weddings are full of many glamorous moments.

Your chosen photographer will be on hand to capture the poise, the sparkle and the perfectly framed moments. As in life,  however, there are times that aren’t glam. Its the truth, moments like going to the bathroom. This, my friends can be a handful on your wedding day; after a few too many champagnes your perfectly selected gown suddenly becomes the most difficult things to maneuver  when you need to do something as simple as going to the bathroom.

Even in the disabled cubicle,

EVEN with a bevvy of women holding your dress above your head,

Oh the humanity.

There is an answer.

Hello Bridal Buddy

Bridal Buddy is a sheer lightweight slip worn under the gown that helps protect your gown while you use the toilet!. This is the perfect assistant to help you get your bathroom time done quickly and with any assistance, keeping your dignity in tact.

The bridal buddy is a slip with a drawstring bottom, allows a bride to gather her skirt up around her and get it out of the way. The process basically makes the wearer look like a “marshmallow and a loofah combined.” The Bridal Buddy even comes with two convenient arm holes.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 13.35.27

Avoid this awkward situation with the bridal buddy.

Currently they retail for about $80. Purchase them here

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