Mini Rosemary Wreath

We love to find ways to bring plants, flowers, and freshness into our lives every single day. We find ways to bring the garden inside whenever we can, and Christmas day is no exception. Add a little freshness to your dinner plate setting.with a Mini Rosemary Wreath.



  • long strands of rosemary from the garden
  • labels printed at home on craft paper
  • cotton needlework thread (we used coral)
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • a kick arse dinner party with amazing friendsMini Wreath Nametag
  1. Start by gathering all your supplies you need for your Mini Wreath Nametag.
  2. Take your craft paper and slice the name tags to 1 inch high. Keep the length of all the tags the same.
  3. Collect all the tags together and on the left side of your tag and punch in the middle.
  4. Get your thread and cut a 20 cm portion.
  5. Grab your rosemary and wrap it around in a small circle. Take the thread and tie the ends of the circle together. If it’s sticking out, wrap the ends into the circle.
  6. Take the Mini Wreath Nametag and add to the thread. tie it with a small bow.
  7. Add your Mini Wreath Nametag your table setting.

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