Tiered cake platter

After a fruitless search for a large glass platter for a mountain of macaroons my cousin made for me. I decided to make my very own platter, from materials I bought for less than $15 at my local opp shop.


  • A hot glue gun
  • Three different sized platters/platters, I chose glass cause my macaroons are so colourful
  • A selection of heavy glass cups/coups.
  • Delicious macaroons (lots of them)

Here’s how:

Start by laying out all the supplies.

Heat up your glue gun. Your gluing will be quick so make sure you have supplies and extra glue sticks on hand.

Firstly test that the platter is capable of holding its own weight by making your structure. With your largest platter on the bottom place two of your sturdy glasses upside down. Then add your middle plate and another glass upside down. Finally add your final plate on the top.

When you are satisfied with your structure, start gluing. I added glue to the rim of my glasses and held them into place on the glass for 30 seconds or so to allow to cool. I did this is theee stages. See images below.

Then I added glue to the rim of the base of your glasses (remember they are upside down) and add your tiers one at a time. Again hold your tiers in palace for 30 seconds or so to allow your glue to set.

Allow to cool for an hour or so. When finished, place on your table and add macarons, cupcakes or sweets. Enjoy

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