Things to consider when hosting a low key wedding

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If you have ever watched any Hollywood movie that include a wedding they tend to go one of two ways. Uber magnificent over the top wedding that goes without a hitch, except of course the one between the bride and groom. Or the type of wedding where everything that could go wrong will go wrong. I guess Hollywood isn’t the best representation of the real world BUT it does help to highlight that weddings can be stressful and all sorts of wonderful and not so wonderful things can happen.

Not everyone is dreaming of a puffy white wedding dress, a 5 tiered cake or a cast of thousands. Mostly people who are keen on a low key wedding are heard proclaiming that they

“just want to have a party to celebrate the marriage to the one they love”. 

So if you want to keep your wedding day on the down low, here are some tips to keep in mind.

What to consider

Having a low key wedding doesn’t mean you have to go without any of the luxuries you want for your big day. But low-key may mean a few different things. Consider what it means to you:

  • low key to mean a smaller guests list,
  • a mid-week ceremony
  • a non-traditional wedding excluding church, the formal sit down dinner or the big bridal party
  • a garden wedding at a family home
  • low-key may just mean having a kick arse party wherever you can fit all your family and friends
  • It may mean a wedding without all the fancy and expensive trimmings

Mid-week weddings

Consider that mid-week weddings will save you a bundle on venue fees and offers a great intimacy that weekend weddings may not be able to achieve. And although it may not be the norm for your social group to have a mid-week wedding, consider nipping any gossip in the bud by writing in your invitation that “you understand it’s not the norm, but it will be fun — and that you hope guests can make it but understand if they can’t.”

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Pinterest is a great source of photos for brides to find all sorts of wonderful inspiration. It’s even better if you are hoping to find ways to decorate on the cheap or tips on how to make your own cake. Non-traditional weddings can be a hell of a lot of fun for you and your guests. Find ways to replace stuffy traditions with fun such as replacing your wedding cake with a tower of  donuts or swap out a sit-down dinner for a rustic home cooked meal.


If you don’t ask…

Your friends and family love you, lots I’m sure, and they want to see you happy. Why not ask each special person in your life to contribute in some way or another: maybe your best mate is a whiz with graphic design and can help you with your invitations, or your aunty has a great inner city Pad that would host a great reception party. Maybe just maybe, your Mum has a knack for flower arranging. Having all these little things done by friends and family can really add a lot of personality to your day.


It’s your day. Make it personal and don’t bend to peer pressure. You will only remember the things about your day that matter to you.




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