Tables that tell a story

How to respect the memory of those who have passed on your special day. Create your own Table that tells a story.

Tables that tell a storyTables that tell a story

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we spent time talking about the loved ones in our life who weren’t with us anymore. We really wanted to find a way to include a memory of our loved ones in our special day.

When we signed the register we lit a candle in memory of my husband’s mother. When we hung decorations in the reception, we made sure to include pieces from our grandparents and even those from my extended family who had passed. No one really knew why there were vintage cameras on the bar at our wedding or why the bunting we hung looked like it was made from old curtains from my nanna’s house but to us, these little touches were a way to show that we wanted to include these special people into our special day.

When planning your own events whether it’s a wedding, wake, funeral, a birthday or a christening, why not add a few pieces that were precious to add a touch of history and nostalgia.

It’s a great way to represent your loved ones in your special events.
Tables that tell a story

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