A Guide to Edible Flowers

Seems to us that edible flowers are the new black. So we gathered up our fave ways to use them for your next event or celebration. it’s important to note that not all flowers are edible and you should also check that they are safe for eating, organically grown and without pesticides. Even better, get to growing these flowers yourself. Otherwise you can get them from specialty grocery stores or health food stores.

1. On your celebration cakes.

adding edible flowers to a home made cake is can be a treat. adding texture and depth. A delicious addition to your birthday cake, wedding cake or just a family dessert, why not pair with fruit to make a beautiful, tasty treat for your family and friends to enjoy.



2. Chocolate spoons.

These are a simple gift to make. Melt your chocolate and dip milkshake spoons in. Add your fresh flowers and place in the fridge to set. The flowers will dry out in the fridge. Give these as gifts to your guests at your wedding guests. Instruct your guests to heat a cup of hot milk and stir the chocolate spoon till all the chocolate is dissolved. Enjoy.

3. On your homemade granola.

Grab yout muesli, adding in dried fruit and roasted nuts. Adding yoghurt or milk and finishing up with adding a very pretty addition of edible flowers.

Simply add your pulled flower petals to the top of your Saturday morning indulgence.

4. Champagne, with a splash of colour.

Simply pour your favourite bubbles into a champagne coup and add some flowers or petals to splash about some colour.


For a full list of edible flowers check out here

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