How to create a photobooth backdrop

Photo booth backdrop diy - honeycomb goodness

How to create a photobooth backdrop

Photobooth backdrops and photos walls have become the norm for parties and celebrations these days. So we have developed a few ways to a cheap but awesome backdrop to make your pictures really pop.

Here’s how we did it.

We purchased a bunch of colourful round honeycomb balls in a variety of sizes (suppliers include the party cupboard, eBay and Etsy). You can choose any shape you want but round is what we loved.

Choose a clear space where photos will be taken. Opening each moon shape layout the pin pins on the floor to find a layout you like. We used bluetac to adhere the half moon shapes to the wall. We placed the circles in bunches of three of in similar shapes or complimentary colours .

Move and fill your space as you like.

This wall cost us less than $50 and looks awesome. Plus we can store these Pom poms flat and use them again. Brilliant!

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