Hens Day Planning

Hens Day Planning

Hens Day Planning can be a great day for you and your friends to bond in preparation for the big day. It can also be a chance for your bridal party to meet, especially if the bride is combining your friends with a new sister in law. over the years, I’ve had a blast organising a high tea for my best mate, a pole dancing class, a crafternoon, an “Amazing race” for my sisters and plenty of dirty parties for mates who would enjoy that sort of thing.

The biggest advice we can give for Hens Day Planning is to chat to your bride. Yes, controversial I know, but some brides just don’t like the site of novelty straws or feather boas on their day. Others, well, simply love that sort of thing.

So ask a few simple questions about what they would love for their day, what they don’t want for their day and a few non-negotiables (refer to novelty straws above). Also, make sure to ask about their expected guest list. For example, do they want to invite their great aunt to a stripper show? Or have a separate family event in the morning followed by a late afternoon fanfare with all their age appropriate friends.

Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect Hens day:

1. Get the diaries out?

The hens day traditionally is hosted about 4-6 weeks before the big day. This isn’t really a tradition but courtesy to the guests attending.

2. Give Plenty of Notice

Best to send out a “save the date” to the guest list that your bride has provided you with. (The list should include the names, emails, and mobile numbers of the guests. If you are sending printed invitations, get the postal addresses also.)

3. Planning with the bride involved

Some hens like to be involved, some want to be surprised. Ask the bride what she wants for her day AND if she wants to know the details of the day. Remember the hen’s day is to celebrate with her nearest and dearest. So ask plenty of questions and respect her wishes.

4. Get to know your guests

When you are planning a party, you need to know a little about the people attending. Will there be a bunch of babies coming, or Granny in a wheelchair? Do you have a bunch of adventurous guests keen for some fun or a really timid group of ladies who might be chuffed with a winery tour and home in bed by 7? 

5. Plan travel and changeovers

If you have a few things happening in one day, make sure you provide enough time for your party to get to and from different locations.

6. Budget for all

Whatever you decide to do on the day, in Australia Hen’s day should cost your guest less than $100. Remember about a month later, these same guests are also forking out for a wedding gift, an outfit or dress and potentially travel to and from a wedding venue. So try to keep the costs to a minimum if you can.

7. Build in a buffer

Allow for a little emergency, like a cover charge you didn’t know about or an extra taxi charge. Add $5 extra to the cost of the day from each guest just in case.

8. Choice is good

Most hens parties offer a few different events throughout the day, make sure you offer a choice to the guests to attend or all the events that suit. Most people will be there for most of the day but some may need to cater to new bubbas sleeping schedules or transport issues. So be considerate when planning.

9. Transport

What are you organising, where is it, are you going to different venues, how are you getting there? The best advice I can give is HIRE A BUS. Keep everyone together for the day if you can, one central spot for a pickup and return there at the end of the night. If people need to come and go, they can follow the bus and leave when they need to.

10.  Be clear

When you send out the official invitation, make sure to list down the costs of all the things you have organised so there are no surprises. Add a dress code for the day, from bathers to gowns. Also, add the time, pick up and drop off locations, addresses of all the locations you are going to etc.

12. Reminders

About 2 weeks before the event make sure to email the guests who have confirmed (what the rundown is for the day. confirm the first event and location too. Also, confirm the dress code (weather pending) and also.


The lovely Laura from styled by Laura is showing us just how she would style up a pretty Hens day for her best friend Emily. Now, this is pretty.










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