EVENT INSPO: Feast in the field

As long time lovers of food and fields, we thought why not combine the two with a stylish DIY Feast in the field? Thanks to the lovely folks at Messy Veggies, we managed to pull off our first Venue Insider Christmas party full of DELISH Veggie food, fabulous friends and even a classic Christmas movie or two. (Hey, Home Alone). 

Here’s how

Supplies needed:

  • A field or large open space, mowed to fit all your furniture, guests and a rug or two
  • Dining table or two, enough chairs for guests
  • White table cloth
  • Table runner or fabric, we used 4 meters of Mexico Poncho fabric from Spotlight
  • Glass bottles, vases or jars, whatever you have available
  • Mini wreath name labels
  • Chopping boards/cheese platters
  • Wooden boards (DIY to come)
  • Furniture for your outdoor cinema
  • A bar or trough for delicious drinks
  • A video projector (we have this one from Kogan)
  • Electricity cables that reach the projector
  • A plain sheet and a frame to hang it on (we used my son’s giant white tent, DIY to come)

DIY Feast in the field

The first and hardest part for your DIY Feast in the field can be finding a field or park that you can use as you wish. We are lucky, we live on a 20-acre horse farm and used our front lawn. Ask around, speak to friends and neighbors or speak to your local council about public spaces and parks. Make sure you have access to power.

Start by finding out all the space you need and ensure that it is cleared. Our mates at Messy Veggies bought a lawn mower and sectioned out enough space for a table, bar, lounge chair, your video projector and a rug. For our party, this was approximately 5 m x 6 m.

Plug in the extension cord and plug in the projector this will help you set up the rest of the space around the outdoor cinema.

Spend time grabbing you large pieces of furniture, tables, chairs and a rug in position. We had some help here (thanks guys).

Then add smaller pieces of soft furnishing and set up the cinema and the bar.

Table Styling

Start by adding a table runner in a simple colour, we used white cause it’s classic and amazing. We then added our poncho fabric down the middle of the table. Our wonderful friend at Bloombox Co helped here with simple arrangements in jars and candles. Gorgeous as ever.

Set the table with Cutlery and Crockery. Add the napkins, name tags and small touches.

Fill the trough with drinks and ice.

Food Time

Messy Veggies spent 2-3 hours preparing an amazing vegan and gluten free food for us to
enjoy (who knew they could taste so amazing). Recipes can be found here.

Bring out your food and serve up your feast in the field.

Feast in the field


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