Easter Hunting Tote DIY


Here is the second DIY for this easter, we had a little too much fun making these cute little Easter Tote. I ended up making extra for my best mates kids and the neighbour’s kids too.

They LURVED them.


These bags are super simple and can be done with screen printing gear, we recommend starter kits from the awesome team at Bobbin Hood.

NB: Screen printing can be messy, but it’s fun for young and not so young. My three year old likes it a bit too much and we always end up in the bath washing off excess paint, but worth it for the outcome.

Hunting Tote


  • Teatowel
  • Screen printing screens
  • Waterproof paper
  • Scalpel
  • Pink and Black Permaset ink for Fabric
  • Squeegee
  • Running Water/hose/bathtub
  • spare towel or tea towel for cleaning up
  • Knife or spoon
  • Rope


Step 1:

Print a style or design you want for your screen printing and transfer it to your waterproof paper.  We transferred ours by tracing it then using these lines as a guide to cut out.


Step 2:

Attach the cutout stencil/waterproof paper to the back of your screen. Use white masking tape to attach the stencil, ensure to cover all the edges so that you don’t accidentally add ink to a part of your tea towel.


Step 3:

Lay your towel onto a surface that can get a little dirty, (we use a foam core board on the floor as the ink sometimes comes through the fabric) we are turning these towels into bags so print on one side of your towel on one end (either left or right of your centreline). But keep the whole design to the side of the centreline you have chosen.

As we were doing a two colour process, we used tape to cover up the areas we don’t want to be ‘inked’ with our first run, then let that dry, took the tape off and covered the other parts of our stencil, so we could run the second colour off, then let to dry.


Step 4:

Fold your towel in half right sides facing, Sew around the outside and the bottom keeping the top open. I tend to reinforce corners and the start of my run by going over it a few times. Turn the bag inside out

Add the rope to the bag, (our tea towels had a handy little tab for hanging, we added out rope to this, lucky huh )

Step 5:

Get hunting!!!


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