Easter Bunny Hunt DIY


My Little one and I are off camping with some family friends over the Easter break. Interestingly we will not have any phone reception (EEEK) but we will have some modern amenities and not be roughing it too much.  Among all the families we will have 6 little ones among all the families attending and 2 bubbas, so we are going to have a mega kids weekend full of bush walks, bike riding, creek swimming and for the adults, a winery or two.

PLUS of course, an Easter Egg Hunt to help bring a little magic to the bush camping trip.

In preparation for the big Easter hunt, I’ve prepared a couple of DIY’s to help protect the little easter eggies from the elements and animals that will be on the campsite.

Not only are these little guys super cute, but they couldn’t’ be easier to make.



  • Brown Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Texta
  • Two plates, one large dinner plate and one small side plate
  • Eggs, all shapes and sizes.
  • White Pom Pom
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Sewing Machine/Stapler

Step 1.

Take brown wrapping paper and lay the plates on top of each other to create the body and the head of the Bunny.

Draw Around the edged ensuring to include ears above the smaller plate.


Step 2.

Cut out your template and set aside.

Lay out your Paper and prepare some sheets by measuring the width of you t bunny and adding about 20 cm. You will need to cut out 2 sheets per Bunny, clip together with bulldog clips or a stapler. (If you have used a roll of brown paper like I have, turn 50% of the paper over so that when they are attached they don’t curl around each other and when sewn together will be flat)

Lay your template on top and cut out the bunnies following the template.


Step 3.

Get your sewing machine ready, take two bunny sheets, lay them back to back, and sew around the edge starting somewhere near the bottom.

Step 4.

Before you close the bunny, Leave about a 15 cm opening to add your eggs. (I did this while the bunny was still attached to my machine so there wasn’t any extra thread or knots needed)

After you’ve added the desired amount, close up the bunny, cut off any excess string or thread.


Step 5.

Heat up your hot glue gun and add a dab to the pom pom. Place the pom in the middle of the “Body” section of your Bunny.

C’est Voila.

Super Cute Easter Egg Packages for your Kidlets to discover and enjoy on their Easter Hunt.


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