Drinks on the run


There are plenty of ways to turn a Friday night dinner into a full-blown dinner party. Creating a party can be as easy as providing a kick arse Drinks Cart. And it’s a fancy way to show your guests you are serious that they drink the finest drinks available or at least make them look fancy even if they weren’t expensive.

Plus a drinks cart has the added bonus of being on wheels so the party can move with you. Here’s how you make your very own Whiskey Cart. PS. Venue Insider recommends responsible drinking. Promise…


  • Glassware
  • A drinks cart on wheels. We love this one and this one
  • Alcohol (Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Champagne)
  • Labels
  • Vases
  • Foliage, large leaves,  tropical fronds, and berries
  • Fruit
  • Water
  • Platters, chopping boards
  • Champagne bucket
  • Ice
  • Scissors
  • Napkins
  • Straws

Here’s how

  1. Start by placing your Drinks Cart in an accessible location. Somewhere with a little space to hang about and make your drinks with ease.
  2. Get going on the basics, add the alcohol to each of your selected decanters, make sure that you add the labels as you go so you don’t mix up the gin and vodka.
  3. Start at the base and add your boards and the champagne bucket, these will be holding all the heavy stuff so make sure you like where they are placed.
  4. Add the bottles to the boards, usually in collections of three.
  5. Time to “Get your green on”, grab all the tropical fronds, berries and monstera leaves and start by adding to the champagne bucket and vases placed towards the back of the Whiskey cart.
  6. At the front of the trolley, add the essentials like napkins, glassware, stirrers or straws.
  7. Your final touches are adding fruit and water to the centre of the table.
  8. Pop the bubbles babe and enjoy your dinner party…







For other dinner-party supplies check out some of our favourite places to shop…

West Elm, Hunting for George,  Hard to find. and Lenzo

CREDITS: Whiskey Bar Signage:  Design in words | Florals: bloombox co | Photographer: Samara Clifford | Vases/decanters/glassware: Stylists own | Stylists: Jaime Hall and Nicole Bailey 🙂


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