How to book an epic destination wedding

International wedding at a roman amphitheatre

International wedding at a Roman amphitheatre

How to book an Epic Destination Wedding at a Roman Amphitheatre

Adam and Jen wanted to create an EPIC adventure for their wedding, so with a bunch of their crazy friends and 2 years planning they worked towards having their nuptials in Jordan, hosted at 2000-year-old Roman Amphitheater no less.

Read all about their adventures below:

Adam and I were married in 2015 in the South Amphitheater in Jerash, Jordan. It was an incredible venue and key to making our destination wedding an EPIC destination wedding. It was harder than it should have been to make it happen and we hope the authorities in Jordan see the value in making this amazing place more accessible in the future.

But until it gets easier, here’s how we made it happen:

  • Plan 2 years ahead
  • Scope out the location the year before
  • File your application 5 months in advance
  • Find out how many national security forces must approve
  • Change all your plans at the last minute and just occupy the amphitheatre one calm Tuesday morning with 35 of your closest friends plus anyone else who happens by
  • Remember you are with the man you love and it will all work out somehow

When we decided to get married it made sense to me that we would have it in Jordan. I knew this would be a challenge so we gave ourselves 2 years to arrange it. Just enough time for people to save up for the trip and for us to figure out how to make it worth going out of their comfort zones.

Jordanian Princess

We found out that a Jordanian princess had celebrated her wedding in the North Amphitheater a few years back. So we knew it could be done, it was just a question of whether you had to be a princess to do it. We spoke to many local people there who all agreed it was quite doable to book the space and shouldn’t be a problem.

It even seemed like a reasonable price and everyone quoted the same price, a good sign that is was a standard thing to do. Many people told us we were planning way too early for Jordan since many weddings are planned in a week, apparently! So we didn’t rush to apply.

After months of agonising back and forth with the event planner, we gave up on that path. Then the week before the wedding, through some channels that I don’t completely understand and after scaling some barbed wire fences as part of our (legitimate) effort to meet with the management of the Jerash site, we got enough approval for a casual event during the day for a small group of people.

That meant it wouldn’t be private, so any tourists who happened by or any locals who were intrigued could join in the fun. The price we paid for seeing our dreams fulfilled!

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Jennifer Fein is a digital nomad and planner of epic trips. So when she got married it couldn’t be just a wedding, it had to be an epic destination event with 30 friends from around the world on an 8 day tour of Jordan. Since then she has taken a group up Kilimanjaro and built a platform with her co-founder Bron that enables creators of epic destination events to manage their plans, payments, tasks and travelers all in one place. It’s called YouLi, as in, YouLivetoTravel.com

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