Confetti ideas

Traditionally, confetti had been used to celebrate wedding, engagements, parades and birthdays.

Confetti history dates back to the 1400 where celebrations and parades would include throwing flowers, food, ribbon, fabric and egg shells full of perfume to celebrate any number of things.

But the current paper confetti we use to celebrate with today dates back to 1875 in Milan when a guy called Mangili would collect punched paper disks that were left as a by product from production of holed paper sheets used by sill worm breeders (who knew) this cheap alternative to flowers and fabric confetti was wildly popular and used worldwide.


These have a low footprint and show up fabulously in photos. You can grab some great individual bubbles. For a wedding or a party you can even get some personalised bubbles to hand out to your guests.

Bubbles from Etsy |

Natural confetti ideas

Beyond rose petals, there are plenty of natural alternatives to confetti. As your sense of smell can garner the greatest memories, using confetti with a scent can transport you back to your special moment each time you smell. Try dried lavender, rosemary or fresh wild flowers

Fresh flowers | Lavender


Natural products like leaves are a great alternative to confetti. Not only they unique in their shapes, they show great reflections on styled photo shoots. Leaves are also easy to clean up as they are a little bugger than the transitional confetti you find in store. But the best bit is they literally grow on trees.

Confetti bags | Inspiration once wed

Giant confetti fun

A twist on the traditional confetti, giant confetti is a lot of fun. We know a couple of stores where you can grab some giant confetti products. Just like confetti balloons or giant confetti to throw.

Giant single colours | multi coloured | invite me store

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