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The first memory of my birthday party obsession came with a wonderful 6th birthday party. I was in Year 1. I had my own bunch of friends for the first time in my life. I was Miss Piggy, yes, Miss Piggy (Aerobics style). It was the 80’s and the Muppets were my everything and it was the most amazing day of my 6 years.

At the time, the wonder and magic of a themed party struck me. I have had a themed birthday for almost every year since I was 10, that is a lot of themed Birthdays. (A hum).

So when my mum mentioned that coming up with a great birthday theme was hard to do back then, I taught her about the wonder of Pinterest.

Here are a collection kids party theme ideas that will help you avoid hard work and get back to enjoying your Fairy Bread:


Unicorns are the latest craze. Unicorns are the new princess parties and the enchantment of the theme gives you so much scope to be creative. It’s a lot of colour and fun and heaps of sparkle.

Party Supplies – Here | Cupcakes – Here | Balloons  – Here | Table Setting – Here | Cake – Here



Animals can be a lot of fun. And the event theme of 2017 is tropical so with so many supplies available in Spotlight, party shops, and online stores this is a great theme to make come to life. Party games could be making animal masks, pin the tail on the lion, animal dress ups, and animal hunts.

Toddler setting – Here | Cupcakes – Here | Table Layout – Here | Cake – Here| Invites – Here



This theme is a lot of fun to play with. Using your imagination is key to this themes success: Why not use Dump trucks for chip bowls, turn forks and spoons into tools, make backdrops with Caution tape, get kids dirty with fun games like digging into foods or Construction buildings together.

Lollies – Here | Tools – Here | Gift – Here | Dig in Dessert – Here


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